it’s ok to be a boy *suffering with editing

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Adelaide Ivánova
Date: 2012/1/12
Subject: fotos
To: Jörg Brüggemann


how are you? i’m sendint this email not expecting a fast answer, since i know you’ll get busier and busier. answer me whenever you can, no hurry. but answer! hahahaha

here’s what i think it is the final editing of my project on abused women. i decided to put them in two together so i have a stronger chance of telling this story without depending on captions or texts. the photos from the places or things are related to the testemonials they said, sometimes the photos are very obviously related (like by renata, i photographed the exact place were she was attacked) and sometimes the verbindung is more subtile (like by mayara, i photographed what he thinks to be her protective amulet).

i’m not fully satisfied with my technical skills (both by photographing and scanning), and feel i also need to get knapper while telling a story (even though i like it when i see photo projects more based on traces than on literal things, like ute’s stuff). but i’m super happy i at least managed to finish it. now i wanna find a girl in germany i can photograph.

looking forward to see you!


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