berlin + continente magazine

my dear friend schneider carpeggiani went to the berlin on february, to write an article about it, to a brazilian magazine named continente. he wanted to write about the clichés surrounding the city and picked pankow as the appropriate neighbourhood to be shown in the article – no tourists seem to go there, but he had also other reasons, way too  neurotic to be quoted!

schneider wrote a realismo mágico-kind of article, about the city itself, but also about his emotional impressions of it – and impressions, as we all know, are always doubtful…

he invited me to go to berlin and take some pictures of the city – and i suggested him, we should go until ruhleben, the other end from u2’s line. and so we did. he also used some archive photos.

the article and the pictures can be seen on this month’s issue of the magazine. some shitty scans below:


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