while photographying my violence-against-women homework, i have received some e-mails from friends, suggesting other photographers’ works i should look at.

i am very bad with references, because i am easily influenced: when i listen to beyoncé, i wanna go out with loose hair and big rings; when i listen to dolly parton, i wanna go out with cowboy boots… and so on. so when i see people’s photos, i wanna photograph just like them.

and in the end, i have the feeling that the pictures i took for this specific homework are very simple, not sophisticated enough so one can see who/where my references are. everybody knows i love nan goldin’s work, so a lot of what i pursue as photographer-wannabe is seeing things the way she does – not only with this project, but with every photograph.

anyways, here are the tips i remember i received (and being in contact with this people is already very inspiring):

raphaell dallaporta and his domestic slavery

lorena ros and her project on sex abuse survivors

andreas reeg and his project verletzte seelen (“wounded souls”, or something similar), also about sex abuse

mr. reed’s method really catch my soul, and was the work with which i was most thrilled. but i didn’t do nothing as poetical.

other very important thing was the emails exchanged between me and my school mates, and also my blonde friend laura, who’s a photographer (and former ostkreuzschule student). while i’d write them emails, things would kinda get clearer in my head – not to mention their answers, always very inspiring. thanx kasia, kevin, jakob, sarah, kamil, katja…

update on 02.09
i just remember flávia sent me two links:
ursula biemann and her geobodies
and a video, performing the border, from the same artist.

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