on my “vacations”

as i write this i already feel late, since there are so many things going on and since – guess what! – i have been photographing so much lately!

but nothing is perfect including myself  so i will keep being this lazy ass i have always been and just show one little thing tonight:

our teacher thomas sandberg has asked us to photograph our summer holidays (what he called a “vacation report”). he suggested we could do it with a disposable camera, and i was very happy, because i love them.

first of all, it was kinda hard to decide when did this “summer vacation” began for me, for several reasons – i was already in brazil since may, and did a lot of travelling there, and there is always summer, and i had the feeling (even though i did some jobs) that everyday was holiday hahaha

i decided to shoot my siblings on the small town where they live, sao joaquim do monte, 200km away from recife. i met them for the first and last time when they were 2 years old (they are twins), so they didn’t remember me at all. now they are 8, i’m 29. i thought it would be impossible not to have an interesting experience, and the little camera really helped us on getting closer. they asked me several times why i didn’t use a “digital big camera”, but they were also so curious about the functioning of it.

since my father doesn’t allow them to walk around the city on their own, on this weekend the three of us discovered the town together (the big sister was allowed to walk around at least ha). they live there, i have never been there, and was exactly this contrast that made possible to see what was for these kids interesting, refreshing my eyes. they never suggested me to shoot anything, but i could see from their reaction what was for them a little mistery, like the cemetery and a dirty smelly dead little river.

(that’s the city’s bus station, isn’t it cute?)

i showed these pictures on our first class with thomas, two weeks ago, together with some new pics from my grandmother, which i plan to write about soon. but as said i’m a lazy little ass.

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