i know ricardo since 2003, when we lived with other 2 friends in a messy house in sao paulo. then he moved back to berlin, and we met again last year, after seven years apart.

one month ago, as our classes restarted, werner gave us a new homework, this time (eeeendlich!) on portraiture. we were supposed to take 4 portraits from the same person: one “representative”, a subjective one, a photo for passport and a photo with artificial light (that didn’t have necessarily to be made in studio).

i chose ricardo, i have to confess, because it would be easy – he loves to be photographed haha but he also inspires me as a person and as a photographer. i took hundreds of pictures of him in this life, and always in colour, so i thought it would be at least decent if i would give myself the challenge of doing this homework on black and white – which i almost never use.

we started the photos with the representative and the subjective ones (with tmax 400 and delta 400), at his place. none of them were posed (and no problem if they were, it is just extra information haha):

then for the artificial light, we used the school’s studio, and i shot it analogic – the first two ones with my old nikon’s little flash, and the last one with the backlight from a studio flash. i used a colour film (cheap kodak 400), because i thought i would want them colour, but as i developed the photos above, i decided i wanted everything bw, so i developed the prints at the black-and-white lab:

it was the first time i developed the negatives and prints myself woohoo – i think it’s kinda easy to notice, since some prints are totally skewed he

and here some of my favourite photos i took of him before that:

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