i’ve been photographing grandma since 2006, when i noticed that she was getting really old and i was always away. our family was not the kind that would take pictures of christimas eve or birthdays, and she was barely photographed during her life. other reason, a very neurotic one, is the fact that we have the same name and in my sick little head photographing grandma – who basically raised me, as my mom was too young and still in college when she had me – is like taking self-portraits. not only for the name but for the fact we are both very much the same: arrogant, bossy, neckless women with no patience for whining people hahaha

these are some of the photos i took during the last months i was in recife. during my stay she had an accident and was for daaays in the intensive care unit. i photographed her both before and afer what happened, and have the feeling i never get close enough. i want to use these pictures for thomas’ homework about a person. in december i will be back home for christimas and have 4 extra weeks to photograph her. let’s see how it goes.

you know, when i think i’m photographing the same subject for 5 years now i get somehow proud of myself, since i am so distracted and a little careless. but yesterday i found this peace of work, from a girl from california who photographed the same person for incredible 18 years. now i’m wondering…

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