my feet are awful

there is this phase for every (ok, maybe not every) photography beginner, in which one’s takes looots of pictures of one’s own feet. it is even mentioned in “lost in translation”, isn’t it?

yeah, i’ve done my part in keeping the cliché – back in 2003, when i started photographing. and i thought i was free of that, but now in berlin i have my own bath tube (in brazil bath tubes are not as common as in europe, let it be explained) and through the reflex in water i just discovered something: my feet are awful. and more: they kinda look like graciela iturbide‘s feet in “el bano de frida kahlo” – a book i simply love.

graciela iturbide’s “el bano de frida”

and my monkey feet discovering the joys of a warm bath in this grey berlin <3

frida’s painting of the same scene – a girl looking at her feet – is called “what i saw inside the water”. i think it is one of the strongest self-portraits frida has ever done.

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