wash salon

the result of one of thomas sandberg’s homework. we should photograph different people in the same space. i photographed on the washing salloon i usually went to when i`m in berlin (in prenzlauer berg), when i had no washing maschine.

you see, all of them look very friendly and sympathic. i think that comes from my approach, since i usually try to be friendly when i approach people. and i think them smiling to the camera is the natural reaction to that inconscient dialog.

thomas mention that he truly believes august sander must have been a very calm man – or at least was calm as he photographed his people – because there is not agitation in the pictures. they are very much “silent”. he suggested i started working with a tripod and i should take more time with each person. and he obviously mention i should work with better films, which i totally agree and will do.

now i’m looking forward to keep on doing it.

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