mimimi #2

mimimi #2: 20-minute performance-lecture, spring 2018

In April 2018, the Berlin-based feminist collective Female Trouble invited me to take up their artist residency and the collectively chosen theme was fertility, in a broader, non-biological sense. I chose to write about motherhood, military dictatorship, and exile. The final format was a performance-lecture inspired by Ariano Suassuna and Grada Kilomba, combining real facts with a fictitious temporality (the lyrical-I speaks as if they were in 1964 Brazil, just as the coup happened, but with the language is of 2018). The performance mixes poetry, cinema and food tasting and had the participation of Polish choreographer Agata Siniarska, who read Wisława Szymborska’s poems in Polish.

The performance
The audience
Screenshot from the documentary Brazil: a report on torture (1971)
Mothers of Acari, a group of activists who fight for justice for their children, muderded by Brazilian police
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