We are in the world in 2021, and a long-announced humanitarian crisis is wide open. In this scenario, in the midst of anguish and wreckage, how is it possible to think and make poetry? I do not have an answer to this question, but in chifre, my tenth book, I try to point out ways to deal with the situation. Successor of 13 nudes, which I classified as a “cute little love book”, this new work takes up some of the previous poems and inserts them in another scenario, between the love poem and the political poem. Divided into three thematic sections (“anger, euphoria, tiredness”; “writer’s block” and “anger, hope, action”), chifre is a place of possibilities and, above all, an invitation to take a stand.

some reviews:
. Folha de São Paulo, 2022: Pegando o touro pelos cornos , by Tati Bernardi
. Suplemento Pernambuco, 2021: Adelaide Ivánova: Viver É Chifre , by André Santa Rosa
. for Spotify, 2021: Lendo: Chifre , by André Aguiar
. Revista Continente, 2021: Adelaide Ivánova toma chifres como símbolo de novo livro
., 2021: Uma coceira na testa do mundo , by Felipe André Silva

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