erste Lektionen in Hydrologie (und andere Bemerkungen)

“Our relations with cities are like our relations with people. We love them, hate them, or are indifferent toward them. On our first day in a city that is new to us, we go looking for the city. We go down this street, around that corner. We are aware of the faces of passers-by. But the city eludes us, and we become uncertain whether we are looking for a city, or for a person”.

Victor Burgin in Some Cities.

In erste Lektionen in Hydrologie (und andere Bemerkungen) a parallel is drawn between the city of Recife, in Brazil, and the person of my father.

Photobook Review: erste Lektionen in Hydrologie by Adelaide Ivánova from Joerg Colberg on Vimeo.

erste Lektionen in Hydrologie (und andere Bemerkungen) is my graduation project for Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin, under the guidance of Prof. Ute Mahler. It was presented in October 2014 in form of an exhibition and  an artist book (edition of 30) – each book consisting of 7 separate chapters (with 85 images, 7 texts, 7 drawings, in a total of 128 pages) and one optical object (each of them a unique copy).